Between Giants

Director : Maxwell Frost

Overview & Credits


We spent two months cycling the Indian Himalayas, covering 3,500 miles along the highest mountain roads on the planet, including the "most treacherous road in the world."

But it was the people we met along the way that truly made this trip memorable, and provided the healing we were both searching for.

Director's Statement

I directed, produced and edited this film myself. The only thing that got me though was knowing that Between Giants was about more than just making another adventure film. The hope is that it’s a reminder to us all that most people around the world deep down really are good, and care, and want to help and connect. Even when we don’t even speak the same language. A message we don’t hear often enough these days.


Maxwell Frost - Writer / Producer
David Deaton - Composer
Maxwell Frost - Editor

Key Cast

David Deaton
Maxwell Frost