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Director : Scott Johnson

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Overview & Credits


A vivid exploration of the relationship between toxic male masculinity and the social as well as psychological influences it has had on me growing up through the generations.

Director's Biograpies

Scott Johnson is a Canadian filmmaker based in Regina Saskatchewan.

His work is driven by the need to challenge permeating philosophies and direct and signify avenues that we as people can follow in order to better ourselves as part of a diverse and multicultural society. His craft is constructed with a humanistic approach using elements involving, sociopolitical, philosophical, and psychological schools of thought and perspectives.

In particular, most of his films deal with issues of mental-disorder and trauma such as the suicide of a loved one, debilitating abnormalities, and coping strategies in regards to illness such as depression. My works also focus on individual anxiety that exists in our society such as gender anxiety and the crisis of masculinity that leads to violence and hate in our culture.

His perspective on filmmaking involves equal parts of an aesthetic form, intellectual involvement of the viewer, and the enjoyment factor. This ideology leads me to create strikingly different and engaging content from the mainstream. I am constantly striving to perfect and pursue different ideas and making use of memory, intelligence, and my general understanding of film theory and concepts.


Scott Daniel Johnson - Producer
Scott Johnson - Writer
Scott Johnson - Production Sound
Lucas Burlock - Supervising Sound Editor/Re-recording Mixer

Key Cast

Scott Johnson