The Ant - The Love - and The Girl in between!

Director : Srikanth “Sri” Appalaraju

The Ant The Love poster

Overview & Credits


When one of the smartest living creatures of the universe, namely, an ant (చీమ) develops fascination for human life and determines to take birth as a human: Will it succeed? What can happen? How does it feel? Added on top, if that leads to love and romance, how does it relish? Answers to all these questions form the crux of an intense love journey of a couple in twenties that starts in the college back drop.

Director's Biography

* Debutant Film Director / Filmmaker with an endless passion and zest
* Internationally acclaimed and awarded
* Winner @ Hollywood Gold Awards, SRFA Cannes, Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival, BIFF (London), Top Indie Film Festival (Tokyo) and Onyko Films Awards (Estonia) for Best Romantic feature film / Best Direction and many more!
* An alumnus of New York Film Academy
* Ready to make feel good movies in multiple languages: English / Telugu / Hindi


Srikanth “Sri” Appalaraju - Writer
Lakshminarayana Narasimha Sevilimedu - Producer

Key Cast

Amit R - "Dheera"
Indu Cherukoori - "Meera"