Where Still Waters Lie

Director : Adam O'Keeffe

Where Still Waters Lie poster

Overview & Credits


A young couple find themselves drifting apart as the burdens of parenthood weigh on them in different respects.

Within the emotional distance they create, they leave gaps for more than just silence, turning a healing weekend away into a horror of mistrust and fear.

Director's Biography

A director, writer and producer based in Dublin who’s work spans across film, commercial, theatre, and literature.

Adam's previous film work include BITTERN and THE ELVIS PARKING METHOD, which have featured in film festivals in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Kerry, Dingle, Los Angeles, Melbourne and Newfoundland.

Since founding Adam & Ed Creative and moving into film Adam has directed a series of comedy shorts and a number of commercials for nationwide campaigns.


Stewart Roche - Writer
Adam O'Keeffe - Producer
Èdwin Mullane - Producer
Sinead O'Shaughnessy - Producer
Alma Kelliher - Composer
Evan Barry - Cinematographer
Rob O'Sullivan - Sound Design
Cian O'Laoi - Editor

Key Cast

Carolyn Bracken - "Emily"
Edwin Mullane - "Peter"