Justin and the Werloobee

Directors : Ken Yoffe & Ellen Weisberg, John Vo

Justin and the Werloobee poster Australian Film Festival OZIFF

Overview & Credits


The short story "Justin and the Werloobee" is based on "Fruit of the Vine," originally published in PKA's Advocate literary journal. The protagonist is Justin, a perceptive and introspective boy whose appearance and personality make him an easy target for his cruel peers. One night, he awakens on a mysterious island inhabited by strange creatures. Though he yearns to return home, he becomes embroiled in the plight of Irvino, a beast who, like Justin, is ostracized. The tale concludes with a twist as Justin helps Irvino and, in doing so, befriends him for life. This narrative is distinct from other works in the fantasy genre as it appeals not only to young fantasy enthusiasts, but also to those concerned with bullying and how empathy develops in children.

Director Biography

Ken Yoffe is a pediatrician (Chelmsford, MA). He also holds a doctorate in genetics. Ellen Weisberg is a cancer researcher at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Principal Associate in Medicine at Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA), with a doctorate in pharmacology.

Ken and Ellen are part-time children's book authors. Publications include short stories and poetry published in PKA's Advocate (bimonthly literary publication), The Writing Disorder (quarterly online literary journal and print anthology book), Bewildering Stories, and Natural Solutions (holistic health magazine). Ellen's cancer memoir, "From Both Sides," which received the 2019 Mariner Award from Bewildering Stories, describes one person, two perspectives: that of the cancer researcher and that of the cancer patient.


Ellen Weisberg - Writer / Producer
Ken Yoffe - Writer / Producer