Director : Adriel (Strenneth) Rosenfeldt

Memories poster Australian Film Festival OZIFF

Overview & Credits


Robin's consciousness contains a plethora of memories and experiences, serving as a dwelling place for a decision-making entity that prioritizes her safety and happiness. However, this entity is burdened with the task of bearing witness to distressing memories and finds no value in retaining them. As a result, it faces the difficult choice of either erasing these memories and associated connections or coexisting with them harmoniously. The outcome of this decision could significantly impact Robin's self-identity, future, and self-perception.

Director Biography

Adriel Rosenfeldt is a local filmmaker from Mill Woods. Finding his interest in filmmaking at a young age, Rosenfeldt was able to shape his career path as a creative, while learning computer effects to elevate his visuals. Educated from NAIT's Digital Cinema program, Rosenfeldt has since been in the freelance filmmaking industry and taken on many content forms, including short films, commercials, and over 20 music videos. Rosenfeldt has had his projects screen at the Edmonton Short Film Festival before, including a short in 2016 that screened in 3 separate occasions, and a short that won their 48 hour mobile film contest in 2017. His latest accolade has come from the international film festival, IndieFEST, for Robin Cisek's music video, "Memories" in 2022.


Robin Cisek Executive Producer / Writer
Adriel Rosenfeldt / Writer
Adriel Rosenfeldt - Special Effects