North 6

Directors : Frank Kretschmann

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The north faces of Grosser Zinne, Piz Badile, Matterhorn, Eiger, Petit Dru, and Grandes Jorasses are widely regarded as the six greatest challenges of the Alps. Gaston Rébuffat, a renowned French mountain guide, described these formidable faces as "shady escapes" in his classic book "Stars and Storms" almost 70 years ago. For many mountaineers, mastering all six walls is a lifetime goal - the Grand Slam of alpinism. Roger Schäli from Switzerland and Simon Gietl from South Tyrol have both successfully climbed all six walls multiple times. However, they now have a new ambition - to climb these iconic walls nonstop and traverse the distances between the summits under their own power. This is an almost impossible feat, requiring 1100 kilometers of distance, 30770 meters of ascent, and 29470 meters of descent, using a combination of road bikes, foot travel, ropes, and paragliding. Even for experienced climbers like Schäli and Gietl, this is a particularly special trip, as they know that the Great North Walls demand utmost caution and humility.

Director Biography

Frank Kretschmann is a professional photographer and filmmaker from Germany specialized in action sport, outdoor, fashion and people photography. As a talented climber, Frank travelled a lot around the globe, always looking for the best piece of rock. It was logical for Frank to combine his favorite passions - climbing, traveling, photography - and make a living out of it. With his camera Frank wants to tell individual stories in the most professional way. His trademark is his unconventional approach, which is his key to success. 2016 he was nominated to the top 50 Outdoorphotographers in the world.


Frank Kretschmann - Writer
Tom Dauer - Writer
Frank Kretschmann -Producer / DOP
Kaletsch Medien - Producer

Key Cast

Roger Schäli
Simon Gietl