Director : Gabriel Bissonnette

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Overview & Credits


A fixated young man, chosen to play the part of a murderer in an upcoming true crime depiction, develops a bond with a relative of the actual incident's survivor.

Director Biography

Kyle Faulkner became dependent on the fume of cinema from the age of 7 and has suffered through the phases of awe-struck Kubrickian, movie-nerd, unhealthy obsessive, annoying scholar, critic & theorist, and has now reached the restive over-saturated state of what he coins cinema dementia. He made his first feature film at the age of 15 and has since made numerous films with many different styles and approaches. He has a Certificate III & IV in Film and has studied directing with NIDA and under John Dommett. He has worked in mental health, studied natural medicine, romanticism, and Western philosophy from the pre-Socratics to post-structuralism, and has an extensive knowledge of cinema, music and literature. His primary affinities are mental and spiritual health, nature, Spinozism, difference ethics, and 80s power ballads.


Kyle Faulkner - Writer / Producer

Key Cast

Josh Lacy - "Rob"
Ron Kelly - "Steve"
Scarlet McPherson - "Zoe"
Peter Morrissey - "Darren"
Victoria Darbro - "Andrea"