The Horror Compendium: Freshest Cuts

Directors : Adam Jordan

The Horror Compendium: Freshest Cuts poster Australian Film Festival OZIFF

Overview & Credits


Adam Jordan created a collection of 9 short films from 2020-2021 that delve into the darkest and most disturbing themes.

Director Biography

After spending too many years locked in the recording studio, Adam returned to his roots in filmmaking during the darkness of 2020, releasing a short film every 2 weeks or so for almost 2 years, creating 51 shorts. A project that could drive others crazy, has been what kept Adam sane.


Adam Jordan - Writer / Producer

Key Cast

Sophie Bentley - "Mother"
Adam Everill - "Father"
Adam Seet - "Homeless Man"
Nicole Davydova - "Russian Voice Over"
Eszter Benedek - "Female Voice Over"
Roshelle Williams - "Betty"
Kelly Nicholson - "Ex-Girlfriend"
Adam Jordan