Directors : Ayodeji Otuyelu

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Overview & Credits


This project is a visual interpretation of poems extracted from the book "Words In My Head." The poems delve into the complexities of emotions relating to gender, sexual orientation, blackness, and feminism. The collection of poems has been adapted by a gay director from Nigeria, a country where homophobia is prevalent.

Director Biography

Ayodeji Otuyelu was born in Ogun State, Nigeria, but currently resides in New York City. At a young age, he started writing poems as an outlet for his overwhelming emotions but kept them a secret in his diary. After Ayodeji's first publication Words in My Head, and also starring in a HBO documentary Legends Of The Underground, he began to explores making a visual representation of powerful poem from his book, poems that tell the stories of his childhood that he always try too hide of variety of themes ranging from love, sex, sadness, and the overall complexities of life. When he is not writing poems, fiction or making films. Ayodeji also enjoys modeling as another form of expression, celebrating African body through implied nudes and portraits.


Ayodeji Otuyelu - Writer
Ashleigh McGregor - Producer

Key Cast

Ayodeji Otuyelu
Ashleigh McGregor
Ejembi Adakole
Kone Sendou
Alem John
Paulin Essayiyas