Director : Mitch Ray

Overview & Credits


One morning, Jamie Gascoigne's usual routine is thrown off balance by his roommate Korey, lingering in the living room with his musician friend Brody, still wide awake from the night before. Though inwardly irritated, Jamie's passive-aggressive tendencies keep him from addressing the situation directly. What begins as a minor inconvenience spirals into a surreal daily ordeal, as the unfolding events around him unearth buried emotions and reveal hidden aspects of himself he never knew existed.

Director Biography

After a decade in the music scene as an organizer working with artists of all disciplines and helming the Art Signified collective and the community art space Studio Vostok, Mitch Ray opted to shift his focus towards his original love of filmmaking. Recurring acting roles in music videos stoked the flames of artistic exploration and bridged the gap for his directorial aspirations. After writing and directing narrative music videos for acclaimed artists such as the Juno award winning band Archspire, he moved towards creating narrative short films. BAGS is his maiden production; a self-funded passion project created in collaboration with filmmakers and artists who have a shared experience in the music community.


Mitch Ray - Director / Writer / Producer
Robert Zawistowski - Producer
Kevin Keegan - Producer
Robert Zawistowski - Cinematography

Key Cast

Kevin Keegan - "Jamie"
Mark McGee - "Korey"
Shakila Keyani - "Tuesday"
Colby Morgan - "Brody"
Zach Herbert - "Tobin"
Erica Lapadat-Janzen - "Ainsley"
Finn Faithful - "The Stranger"
Mukhtar Omar Abdi - "Mookie"