H.O.E.s: The Bulge

Directors : Robin Leabman

Overview & Credits


A single camera comedy that shows the on air/off air shenanigans at the Home, Outdoor, and Entertainment shopping channel. Rhonda Stevenson comes to H.O.E. to sell her latest item for male consumer confidence, The Bulge!

Director Biography

Robin Leabman has worn several hats in Hollywood for over 20 years as a writer, director, producer, actor, and cinematographer. He grew up in Montana where he got into photography while also flying airplanes, helicopters, and gliders. He now travels the world as a captain for a major airline.


Kevin Carrao - Writer / Producer
Patricia Rigney - Writer / Producer
Robin Leabman - Producer

Key Cast

Kevin Carrao - "Camera Man Kev"
Alex Di Dio - "Curtis Reeter"
Natalie Lynch - "Rhonda Stevenson "
John A. McKenna - "Willard Stone"
Seong Park - "Bill Lee"
James Pomichter - "Joe Bleu"
Pennie Promise - "Velvet Chocolate"
Maya Sherer - "Amee Lexington "
Elaine Lockley Smith - "Imelda Verando"