Director : Keith Andreen

Overview & Credits


While appearing as a prosperous motivational speaker on the surface, best-selling self-help author Aaron Driscoll harbors a dark secret from his past that he hoped to keep buried. After a grueling day of talk shows, book signings, and inspiring speeches, he retreats to his mansion, only to be jolted awake by what seems like an obsessed fan wielding a gun. This encounter forces him to confront the truth about his shameful history, leading him on a path of painful reckoning that could either destroy him or offer redemption.

Director Biography

Keith Andreen grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he developed a passionate love for movies and moviemaking at a young age – an enthusiasm nurtured by his cinephile father, who enjoyed sharing classic Hollywood films with his son. Given this background, it was only a matter of time before Andreen decided to make the trek west to Los Angeles, where, arriving in the mid-1990s, he soon established himself as a "Human Swiss Army Knife," working as a PA, grip, set builder, 1st AC, DP, electrician, gaffer, stunt driver, and actor.


Keith Andreen Writer / Producer
Katrina Law Writer / Producer
Joel Stevens - Producer
Juliette Beavan - Producer / Composer
Dillon Schneider - Cinematographer
Sara Kugelmass - Production Designer
David Michael Maurer, ACE - Editor
Sean Beavan - Composer
Michelle Lewitt - Casting Director

Key Cast

Warren Kole - "Aaron Driscoll"
Katrina Law - "Daniella"
Grace Jenkins - "Emily"
Chanté Bowser - "Chanté"
Lucy Blehar - "Solaris"
David Scales - "Emcee"
Joey Aucoin - "Doctor"