Directors : Xie Bai

Overview & Credits


Pianists often hit a nadir in both their performances and personal lives. Even social gatherings with friends left him feeling drained. Despite heading to the studio for a recording session, he found himself overshadowed by the arrival of a renowned star. As his circumstances worsened, the pressure to cozy up to influential figures mounted with his growing fame.

He felt a sense of estrangement from the divine, sensing he had somehow offended the higher powers. Desperate to reconcile, he yearned to compose a piece that would praise the gods, but his efforts proved futile. The night before a crucial concert, a call from his agent, Li Ge, overwhelmed him, causing him to collapse. As he fell, a young pianist swiftly took his place, garnering even more acclaim, halting his career in its tracks.

Though his secular career came crashing down, a spiritual awakening occurred within the confines of a church. Guided by his brother, he sought solace in God's embrace, shedding tears of repentance and relief.

At a gathering of believers, he performed "I Call to You, Lord Jesus Christ," radiating the warmth of God's love to all present.

Director Biography

Director Xie Bai was born on November 4, 1987. Influenced by the poet's grandfather, my first language was learned through Chinese poetry, and I was deeply influenced by the concept of "inexhaustible meaning, visible beyond words" in Chinese poetry.