The Exploding Boy

Directors : Monty Wolfe, Ian Southworth

Overview & Credits


Alex Silver harbors aspirations of following in the footsteps of Jim Henson, but his reality is far from a whimsical puppet show. His father's strictness weighs heavily on him, his school environment feels suffocating, and even his neighbors appear hostile. However, everything takes a turn when Julius, a enigmatic new student, enters his life. Through Julius' infectious positivity, Alex begins a journey of self-improvement, gradually finding his footing one step at a time.

Director Biography

Monty Wolfe and Ian Southworth met at a Portland, Oregon Comicon, later bonding over film talk at a Red Robin surrounded by various Jedi, anime characters, and a few Batmen. Ian was an art school graduate and regional Emmy winner and Monty had worked in television news for a decade, but not long after, Monty would enter film school and the two would collaborate on a myriad of projects from Sci-fi to romcoms. Today, they navigate the magical chaos of their film sets with a sort of linked telepathy.


Monty Wolfe - Writer / Producer
Ian Southworth - Producer

Key Cast

Parris Bates - "Alexei Silver"
Adrienne Sparks - "Anastasia Silver "
Bradley Thomas Stephens - "Charles Silver"
Abel Cosentino - "Dr. Roman Nicholas"
Ashmon Jibben - "The Aerobics Instructor"
Myndi Stalnaker - "The Karen"
Veronica "Starbuck" Wolfe - "Antoinette"
Isis Eggleston - "Tatiana"