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6th Night Alex Theatre St Kilda

The Schedule

19:00 - 19:50

A Selection of Short Films

19:50 - 21:15

Journey to Hope

21:15 - 21:30


21:30 - 22:45

Friends, Foes and Fireworks

Friends Foes Fireworks Poster


Nov, 18

6th Night Alex Theatre St Kilda

  • Alex Theatre, St Kilda, Melbourne.

  • Start : 2018/11/28 19:00
  • End : 2018/11/28 23:00


ANIMAL (Australian Short)

Dir: Henry Young
Runtime 11:04
Film Type: Drama
Country of Origin: Australia

On a property in rural Australia, a son's struggle with his father's growing decrepitude and hypocrisy coils itself to an explosive showdown.

Animal explores questions of masculinity and family in a world where survival isn’t something worth shouting about. It’s just something that’s always there to be dealt with.

MER (Iranian Short Film)

Dir: Hesam Rahmani
Runtime 11:04
Film Type: Avant-garde, Fiction
Country of Origin: Islamic Republic of Iran

An Afghan well-digger refugee in Iran, encounters freak happenstances during digging a water well which change his life forever.

REPENTANCE (Australian Short)

Dir: Jack Welch
Runtime 16:42
Film Type: Drama
Country of Origin: Australia

A woman who has been beaten and abused by her husband kills him and spends her final day of freedom making peace with her friends.

JOURNEY TO HOPE  (USA Documentary)

Dir: Anita Kruse
Runtime 1:16:41
Film Type: Documentary, Feature
Country of Origin: United States

Purple Songs Can Fly, the first recording studio ever created on a pediatric cancer floor, was founded in 2006 at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, Texas. Twelve years and thousands of songs later, six childhood cancer patients, Mia, Layla, Dominic, Emily, Stephen and Christian, come together as survivors to share "Journey to Hope" an original musical featuring their own songs, written and recorded in the Purple Songs Can Fly studio during their individual cancer journeys.


FRIENDS, FOES & FIREWORKS (Australian Feature)

Dir: Sarah Jayne Portelli
Runtime 1:16:41
Film Type: Mumblecore, Drama, Friendship
Country of Origin: Australia

An intimate New Year's Eve reunion of five female friends in the independent acting scene becomes a test of relationships when old tensions spark, truths are told, and rivalries are reignited.