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7th Night St. Hotel St Kilda

The Schedule

19:00 - 20:25

Feature - Excursion

20:25 - 20:40


20:40 - 22:10

Feature - Kill Ben Lyk


Nov, 18

7th Night St. Hotel St Kilda

  • St. Hotel, St Kilda, Melbourne.

  • Start : 2018/11/29 19:00
  • End : 2018/11/29 22:40


Dir: Martin Grof
Runtime 1:24:30
Film Type: Thriller, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Country of Origin: Slovakia

EXCURSION (International Feature Film)

Tom wakes up in the middle of the night to see his twenty year old self, Tomas, pointing a gun at his face.

Tomas just traveled through time from 1980's USSR to see how Socialism is prospering. As a dedicated party member and future soldier, has been chosen specifically by the Socialist government for this vital experiment. Tom laughs in his face and shows him the events of last twenty years.

It becomes very clear to Tomas that there has been a huge mistake. He has to do all he can, to save Socialism from its fate, at any cost.

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Dir: Erwan Marinopoulos
Runtime 1:20:00
Film Type: Fiction
Country of Origin: France, United Kingdom

KILL BEN LYK (International Feature Film)

What would you do if your namesake had been killed in your city ? Within 24 hours three people have been murdered in London, all by the name of Ben Lyk. Scotland yard decides to gather together all the other Ben Lyks located in London until they can figure out who's after them and why. Will Ben Lyk become the most dangerous name since Sarah Connor ? Our hero, Ben Lyk,a young youtuber (played by the actor Eugene Simon who you might have seen as Lancel Lannister in Game of thrones), is getting really worried.

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