Director : Billy Surges

88 poster Australian Film Festival OZIFF

Overview & Credits


A mystery unravels when a group of friends inadvertently becomes involved in a small town investigation involving experiments, supernatural abilities, and a government scheme.

Director Biography

Billy Surges is a Chicago filmmaker that focuses on narrative and documentary films. The owner of Surging Films & Theatrics, Billy and his team produce 3-4 stage productions a year as well as numerous film and video work in Chicago.


Billy Surges - Writer

Key Cast

Andrea Susan Bush - "Officer Emma Brady"
Eric Wang - "Officer Cole Everett"
Tim Huggenberger - "Will Jacobs"
Stephanie Boyd - "Maddie Smith"
Tony Calkins - "Graham"
Amanda Donohoe - "Jace"
Steve Pavlik - "Mayor Pete Smith"
Neil Willenson - "Simon Redmond"
Joshua Willenson - "Hank"
Alanna Willenson - "Carly"
Roxana Castro - "Sharon Redmond"
Mandita Patel - "Secretary"
Scott Eckelberry - "Hitman"
Dion Orta - "Hitman"
Ann Myrna - "Infected Townsperson"
Jennifer Lenius - "Infected Townsperson"
Madison Meeron - "Infected Townsperson"
James Ferrell - "Sarge"
James B. Ferrell - "Soldier Tech"
Will Knox - "Soldier"
Billy Surges - "Agent Connor"