Director : Artur Sallinen

Ghost poster Australian Film Festival OZIFF

Overview & Credits


Antti is faced with a challenging situation when he discovers that his former school bully, Lauri, has become his new boss, causing past traumas to resurface. As the bullying behavior reemerges, Antti must decide whether or not to confront Lauri. The short film Ghost celebrates the inner child within us and advocates for the recognition of all victims of bullying. Ultimately, the film suggests that one does not need to don a cape or a mask to be a superhero.

Director Biography

Artur (born 1988) is a Finnish screenwriter, director and producer. He has studied directing and screenwriting at the Finnish film school Arcada UAS 2008 – 2012 and graduated as a Bachelor of Arts. The main genres in Artur’s films are drama, sci-fi, thriller and fantasy. Artur started to make movies in 2006 at the age of 18. He has made award winning shorts for the Finnish public service company YLE and won different short film competitions. Artur’s work is influenced by commercial American films, still having a twist from both Nordic and European productions. The focus in his stories usually lean on characters and more specifically on character development. Common themes in Artur’s films include complicated relationships between generations and the inner strength and the perseverance of the human mind. The world in his stories might be dark and despairing, but the characters in it prevails because they believe in something and are ready to change for the better to overcome the grim circumstances. Artur’s films also often include a fantastical dimension; he believes strongly that the main task of films is to take the audience out on a journey – to an extraordinary place where they can encounter experiences out of this world.


Artur Sallinen - Writer
Artur Sallinen - Producer
Jesse Ekholm - Cinematography
Marko Sallinen - Props
Emil Sallinen Editing
Artur Sallinen - VFX
Pontus Borg - Sound Design

Key Cast

Banki Yamashita - "Yuki Soejima"
Sena Nishitani - "Jun Soejima"