Love at War

Director : Maxime Desruisseaux

Love at War poster Australian Film Festival OZIFF

Overview & Credits


As two lovers are in the midst of a heated argument, they are suddenly interrupted by a group of beings claiming to be intraterrestrials. These beings insist that the lovers' reconciliation is vital to saving the world.

Confused and intrigued by the intraterrestrials, the couple begins to explore their motivations and learn more about the strange creatures. As they delve deeper, they realize that the intraterrestrials have a deeper connection to the world and their relationship than they initially thought.

Will the lovers be able to reconcile and save the world as the intraterrestrials claim? Or is there something else at play in this otherworldly encounter?

Director Biography

Maxime Desruisseaux is a French Canadian filmmaker, known for making independent, low-budget, creative feature films.


Maxime Desruisseaux - Writer / Producer
Loubna Zehri - Producer

Key Cast

Tobie Pelletier - "Alain"
Tammy Verge - "The Professor"
Francois Gadbois - "The Doctor"
Denis Marchand - "The Sheriff"
Sylvio Arriola - "The Baron"
Eve Gagne - "Jasmine"