Witches of the Waste

Directors : Sam Rooke

Witches of the Waste poster Australian Film Festival OZIFF

Overview & Credits


A group of witches strategize to kill their former partner in a potent ceremony aimed at amplifying their extrasensory powers. However, when others begin to investigate, the violence escalates with savage outcomes.

Director Biography

Sam Rooke is a 23-year-old queer, non-binary creator and filmmaker based in Norwich. As a part-time research student, they produce low-budget content and outside of filmmaking work in marketing and videography. Their interests and creative projects so far have ranged from fantasy to comedy and horror.


Sam Rooke - Writer
Caitlin Faulkner - Camera
Henry Webb - Camera
Josh Lingwood - Sound
Will Stephenson - Sound
Beth Lane - Costume Design

Key Cast

Eleanor Lewis - "Gwen"
Rachel Macneill - "Ruby"
Clara Ehlers - "Tammy"
Geo Stretton-Moore - "Seth"
Georgia Greetham - "Michelle"
Will Stephenson - "Harry"
Nabil Dozoum - "Tom"
Balázs Kökényesy - "Jasper"