Director : Theodore Drusba

Overview & Credits


Mist envelops. Dust settles. Within the crosshairs of a thunderstorm lies a bowling alley. Seeking refuge from the tempest, a pregnant woman, a businessman, and a widower converge within its walls. As pins tumble under the neon glow, the ambiance shifts when somber moths trigger a sudden blackout.

Director Biography

To take a step back and see things as if it were the first time, to make the common uncommon again. This is what fuels Theodore Drusba’s universe. Bachelor of cinema from UQAM in Montreal, it is during a semester abroad that he writes Gutter, a film exploring loneliness and its moths.


Theodore Drusba - Writer / Producer
Jean-Martin Bisson - Producer

Key Cast

Jean-Nicolas Verreault - "Balt"
Mollie Fillion - "Médée"
Daniel Deburgraeve - "Mr Max"
Caroline Courtois-Schirmer - "Soledad"