Ghost in the gun

Director : Andrew Chen

Winner Best International Short Film
Winner Best Director
Winner Best Male Actor
Winner Best Supporting Male Actor
Ghost in the Gun Film poster

Overview & Credits


A man left for dead encounters a possessed gun and transforms into a gunslinger bent on avenging his wife's murder, but unbeknownst to him the gun has a vendetta of its own.

Director Biography

Andrew has worked on over 20 short films at Scary Cow, a local San Francisco film incubator, doing location sound, camera operation, and producing. He has also directed several television productions at the award winning Midpeninsula Community Media Center in Palo Alto, CA, where he is currently on staff.

An avid fan of Westerns and The Twilight Zone, Andrew was inspired to create a supernatural Western and turned his talents towards writing and directing Ghost in the Gun.


Andrew Chen - Writer / Director
Stephen Berke - Cinematographer
Sam Purdy - Producer
Tony Jonick - Producer
Stephen Berke - Producer
Rena Yamamoto - Producer

Key Cast

Tim Russ - "Ghost in the Gun”
Darren Bridgett - “Agoston Krug”
Ross Turner - “Sheriff Hicks”
Haley CamilleKey Cast“Josephine 'Jo'”
Christopher Weddle - “Scarface Jack”
Jayme Catalano - “Karolina Krug”
Logan Wildey - “Deputy Barnes”
Bruce Duncan - “Rattlesnake Dick”
Tony Jonick - “Coyote Gus”
Gregory Young - “Farmer Hanson”