Get Involved - OzIFF Needs Volunteers

Volunteer with Oz Indie Film Festival (OzIFF) and be a part of the vibrant cultural community! As a Non-Profit, we rely on the combined efforts of our passionate staff and our enthusiastic volunteers.

Each year, the enthusiasm, commitment and hard work of volunteers enable OzIFF to pursue its mission of celebrating the art of filmmaking, creating an enriching cultural experience and place of connection between filmmakers and film enthusiasts in the Melbourne the capital of Australia's Film, Music and Arts.

OzIFF relies on the generosity and dedication of volunteers year round — volunteers are vital to the success of OzIFF events including Film Judging, the Film Workshop, screenings, Box Office, and other special initiatives. During the 3rd annual festival volunteers are needed to assist in all areas — Advertising, Sponsorship, hospitality, marketing, fundraising, transportation, set up assistants, and more.

We seek adult volunteers who share a passion for films, engaging community and supporting a great and growing non-profit organization. Be a part of the team and also have the opportunity to see exciting Australian and international films.

If you’re ready to come on board, complete the Volunteer Application Form below.