A Pas de Deux with Memories

Explores the artistic influences of memories and the creative opportunities that appear when film, dance and visual art (in the form of projected still and moving images) come together.


//oziff.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Black-Moon-Poster600x800.jpgBlack Moon Best Cinematography

'Black Moon' Trent Mitchell

A short film focusing on devoted Australian photographer, Trent Mitchell and his experimental pursuits with the mode of photography.




In a ravaged future-Australia, a solitary hermit guarding a priceless treasure is forced to offer sanctuary to a young girl who is fleeing murderous scavengers.



Burying Mitchell

Having loved and lost the same man, two women meet at the funeral of their ex-husband for the first time to settle a $1M life insurance policy.


//oziff.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/A-Tale-Of-Two-Sisters-Posters600x800.jpgBest Director Award Chris RoeWinner of Best Female Actor Traci Lords

A Tale of Two Sisters

Staring Traci Lords. Set in 1949, a Hollywood star mourns the loss of her beloved sister on the one year anniversary of her death. When the truth of her murder is revealed, a surprise visitor returns.


//oziff.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Counter-Balance-Poster600x800.jpgBest Documentary Short


A foot balances precariously on a slick floor. A wheel turns and poses en pointe. They meet and overlap to balance memory and loss, presence with absence.


//oziff.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Heaven-Poster600x800.jpgYoung Director Award


A shy teenager attempts to manipulate a game of seven minutes in heaven so he can confess his feelings to the boy he is infatuated with.


Trouble is my BusinessBest FilmBest Male Actor Vernon WellsBest Supporting Femal Actor

Trouble Is My Business

A dark tale of love and betrayal, told in the classic style of film noir. TROUBLE IS MY BUSINESS is a true, hard-boiled noir. Private Detective Roland Drake has fallen on hard times in a harsh world. Drake is being evicted from his office and disgraced by a missing persons case, which has ruined him in the public eye and with police officials. It seems like it's all over for him.


//oziff.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Lily-Poster600x800.jpgBest Smart Phone Award


At night, Lily is a grandma who lives with and cares for her daughter and grandson. During the daytime, she is a professional call girl.


SunrayBest Australian Director


Inspired by true events, SUNRAY is a about LAISE FLANNAGAN (Flan), portrayed by Tom Caine, an Australian Army officer, who has been deeply affected by an incident while serving overseas. What was supposed to be a routine patrol in a village, ended up being an horrific, seemingly never ending nightmare.


//oziff.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Polutions-Poster600x800.jpgEmerging Talent Award


A student produce film about the impact our bad decisions are having both now and into the future. The inspiration for this film was learning about the devastating impacts humans, are having on planet Earth.


//oziff.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Portrait-Poster600x800.jpgBest original score


As the sun rises on this land a darkness festers in The Man's mind but with the impending arrival of The Guest preparations must be made about the farm.


//oziff.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Project-Cadmus-Poster600x800.jpgBest International Sci-Fi

Project Cadmus

A younger Bruce Wayne/Batman who has stepped down from crime fighting due to the meta-humans arrival, now finds himself in position to fight one more time as he knows he is the only one who can stop Gotham from being destroyed. During this journey, he finds himself once again dealing with the one he intuitively despised, Amanda Waller. The feeling was mutual.


//oziff.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Rectify-Poster600x800.jpgBest Fantasy Drama//oziff.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/b2020-OzIFF-Laurel-Winner-Sup-Act.jpg


A drama about an underachiever is given the power to rewind time and auto-correct his last action by a mysterious powerful figure.


Raging CultBest Comady Award

Raging Cult

Agoraphobe Sandra literally lives her life through social media. She's angry at all the smiling women online - why aren't they as angry as she is at men, the world, everything!? She enlists her friend Molly to start a cult of feminine rage to change the face of social media...and hopefully the world.

//oziff.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Ashburn-Waters-poster600x800.jpgBest Horror Thriller

Ashburn Waters

When Brett agreed to join his friends on a high school reunion camping trip, he thought the height of his worries would be dealing with his ex-girlfriend and her new flame. But little did he know that the campground, Ashburn Waters, had been closed due to unexplained murders and now his friends are falling victim to the campground's curse, one by one. What is killing the campers at Ashburn Waters?

//oziff.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/SYmmetry-Poster600x800.jpgExperimental short


We are a constantly evolving culture. A culture eternally cycling, dying, and rebirthing. The cities we live in, the jobs we have shape our direction in where we go, but are we heading in the right direction? there is a constant noise of machines and growing infrastructure that we sometimes forget what silence sounds like.


Two FlagsTwo Flags People choice award

Two Flags

A peaceful world should not put on it with a mark of disagreements over customs, races and distances.

Without knowing how but inadvertently your experiences are wonderfully mixed with mine. Any hypocritical play is not as good as you take the initiative to understand me or I take the initiative to understand you.


TrapWinner Best International Animation


Trap is set in New Zealand and based on a personal family story. The young girl is my mother Christine and the script is written by my sister Kahra. The film is a tribute to my mother; an exploration as to why she became a strong and fearless defender of children and women.


Undercover of the nightBest Music Video Bernard Fowler

Undercover Of The Night

Bernard Fowler is most widely known by millions of people around the world as the longtime collaborator and backing vocalist for the Rolling Stones, a position he has proudly held for 31 years


ChampBest LGBTIQ+ Award


MMA fighter Mike is forced to "come out" and he wants the title. Fight for dignity, recognition & respect!

Walkabout Wickets

Walkabout Wickets

In 1868, a group of all aboriginal cricketers made a three month journey from Australia to the UK by sea. They arrived in the UK to play 47 matches at some of the most famous grounds in world cricket.

In 2018, 150 years later, we follow the current Australian Indigenous cricket teams as they travel to the UK to pay homage to those who came before.