Apache Leap

Director : Christian Rozier

Overview & Credits


Apache artist Keane is forced into a desperate mission to get a job before the deadline passes and his dreams evaporate, all while navigating family stresses, enemies from his past, and an unpredictable old car.

Produced on location in the San Carlos Apache Reservation and the neighboring city of Globe, Arizona, this independent feature explores the extraordinary beauty and the unique challenges of these two communities, and the scorching ribbon of highway that connects them.

Director's Biography

Christian Rozier began his career as a music video and commercial director, producing broadcast videos for politically engaged artists locally and internationally. His documentary film credits include 'Among the Trees', a world tour feature film that follows the seminal hip-hop group Arrested Development throughout, and 'Life In The Age Of Excess', a documentary about an emerging barter economy movement in Los Angeles. Christian is also one of the featured filmmakers in the United Nations sponsored global film 'One Day On Earth' and a screenwriter of the 2013 feature film Lineage. He has produced documentary films in Senegal and in Southeast Asia, and his documentary 'Racing The Past' has won awards at numerous festivals.


John Lewis Tandy - Writer
Christian Rozier - Writer
Selina Marie Curley - Producer
Carrie Sage Curley - Producer
Douglas Miles Sr. - Producer
Christian Rozier - Executive ProducersRacing the Past, Lineage Glen Lineberry - Executive Producer
Douglas Miles Jr. - Executive Producer
David Orr - Cinematographer
Emily Koonse - Editor

Key Cast

Ignacio Kenton - "Keane Cassadore"
Carrie Sage Curley - "Alison Cassadore"
Douglas Miles Sr. - "John Riley"
Mariah Kitcheyan - "Melanie Riley"
Rachel Curtis - "Mina Riley"
Chesley Goseyun Wilson - "Uncle Max"