Director : Paul J Lucero

Overview & Credits


On the eve of the grand opening of her inclusive bohemian bar and performance space, Celia struggles with insecurities about living up to the legacy of her relative who once reigned the stages of Paris.

Director Biography

As a youth in Albuquerque I knew I wanted to do something special to show the world how beautiful my city is. As I grew I realized I had a passion and skillful eye for film. I intuitively knew how to frame the best shot possible to get my point across while being visually pleasing. Every success I received in film grew my abilities and skillsets until I was able to understand every aspect of film to the point where I can construct an entire production from concept to a finished product. Since 2011 I have been blessed enough to be working with some of the most amazing and talented film people that Albuquerque has to offer.


Paul Lucero - Director
Breauna Choy - Producer
Morgan Estill - DOP

Key Cast

Rasandra Daniels - “Nina”
Stephanie Jaramillo - “Badu”
Carter Finau - “Benjamin”
Jack Vigil - “Alexander”
Pip Lustgarten - "Jillian"
Tiger Silva - "Bron"