The Intimate Touch

Directors : Michael Støen, Ariel McMillion

The Intimate Touch poster

Overview & Credits


At a seaside restaurant, a conservative Muslim refugee meets a deeply feminist reporter for dinner. Officially, he’s a source, and this is business. But what’s really on their minds is the intense attraction they felt last week when they first met, despite a clash over his religious refusal to shake her hand. Tonight is a chance to pursue that attraction, if only they can navigate their convictions.

Director's Biographies

Michael Støen is a filmmaker and freelance videographer based in Gothenburg, Sweden, who has written and directed a number of independent short films. Ariel McMillion’s background is as a writer, visual artist, and commercial creative. After Michael directed a profile of Ariel’s 2012 art project A Station of the Liminal, Ariel returned the favor by helping write and produce Michael’s films Den Andra Sidan (2015) and Mamma Therese (2014). This fruitful partnership led to the joint development of The Intimate Touch from idea to finished film.


Michael Støen - Writer
Ariel McMillion - Writer
Malla Grapengiesser - Producer
Johan Sellström - Producer

Key Cast

Isa Aouifia - Adnan"
Anna Harling - "Ingrid"
William Rapp - "Boy"
Rikard Björk - "Waiter"
Ashur Sargon - "Fariq"