100 Cans

Director : Mazen Al Khayrat

100 Cans poster Australian Film Festival OZIFF

Overview & Credits


The film centers around the issue of land mines, tracking the journey of a Canadian/Iraqi urban artist who travels to Yemen amid ongoing conflict. Upon arrival, he is struck by the myriad challenges and obstacles he encounters. He connects with Yemeni artists, land mine extraction teams, and the local community to create art as a form of relief. The film's tone conveys a mix of emotions and difficulties, while offering a powerful record of the dangers of land mines and the potential for dialogue. The filming takes place in Mocha, which is no longer a significant trading center or coffee market, with the economy now focused mainly on fishing. The new art installation generates significant interest, with children and struggling families gossiping about the foreign visitors and the vivid colors they've brought to the town.

Director Biography

Mazen Al Khayrat is a Syrian-Canadian Film Director, Writer, and Producer based in Abu Dhabi-UAE. Having more than 20 years of experience in Filmmaking and mass communication, Mazen succeeded to put his name among the most important and creative film directors in the UAE. He directed, wrote, and produced many documentaries, and corporate videos discussing social, cultural, and environmental issues.


Mazen Al Khayrat - Writer
Alyazia Nahyan - Producer