Champagne For One

Director : Seth Iliff

Champagne For One poster Australian Film Festival OZIFF

Overview & Credits


"Champagne for One" is a celebration of a woman who embraces her independence and enjoys dining alone

Director Biography

Seth Iliff was born and raised in Kansas, danced ballet, played violin for 15 years, joined the Army, went to film school (SCAD), went to Afghanistan, moved all over the place and finally landed in Los Angeles...where he is currently a stranger in a strange land. He's got some wacky ideas about all sorts of things, but to him it makes sense. It certainly seems to fuel his creativity, ambition, and lust for life.


Rebekah Iliff - Writer / Producer
AJ Calvin - Producer

Key Cast

Candice Bruder - "Kate"
Jacob Carter - "Waiter"
Brad Hyland - "Voiceover"