Eyes Upon Waking

Director : Timothy Zwica

Eyes Upon Waking poster Australian Film Festival OZIFF

Overview & Credits


This story depicts the journey of a troubled woman who is struggling to find meaning in her life after two suicide attempts. Taren Foley's experiences in a mental health facility are the focus of this true account. As she spends three days under observation, Taren gradually begins to accept the idea of living and moving forward, even though she is still grappling with her inner demons. Despite her initial reluctance to connect with other patients and staff, Taren starts to empathize with her fellow inmates and even helps them out. Although her own problems are still unresolved by the time she is discharged, Taren is left with a glimmer of hope for the future.

Director Biography

Tim Zwica and Jennifer Scott both hail from Chicago, IL. This is Jennifer Scott's first attempt in making a feature film from scratch.


Jennifer Scott - Co-Director / Producer / Writer
Andy Golub - Writer

Key Cast

Jennifer Scott - "Taren"
Eddie McClurg - "Nurse Jane"
Joe Estevez - "Dr. Ferguson"
Janet Ulrich Brooks - "Dr. Kepler"
Rhobye Wyatt - "Mrs. Kelly"
Jeffrey Grover - "Dennis"
Eddie Huchro - "Ferdinand"
Becky Thyre - "Shelly"
Juan Francisco Francisco Villa - "Carlos"
Rosa Isela Frausto - "Maria"