Kill Me

Director : Yushi Li

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Overview & Credits


Kill Me is a somber tale of a family in crisis. The plot centers around a female caretaker who must keep a paralyzed young man alive until January 13th. As they spend more time together, they realize that they are both struggling with oppression from others. Despite being a caring and compassionate nurse, she has suffered greatly at the hands of those in power. He, on the other hand, is battling terminal cancer and is being kept alive solely for the benefit of his family. The story asks whether they will succumb to their helpless situation or make a final stand. The fate of all involved will be decided on the 13th.

Director Biography

Yushi Li is a film writer, director, and producer from mainland China; his work focuses on dark tragedies satirizing serious social phenomena such as the gap between rich and poor, family crises, and school violence.

During his high school years, he realized that due to the rapid development of society, people are gradually showing their dark side, which makes more good people suffer. He decided to pursue a career in the media industry to have the opportunity to express his thoughts, and he hopes that his work will awaken the goodness in people.

Yushi Li began his film career in his sophomore year of high school and was involved in the creation of the short film "Waiting", which was entered into the Singapore Short Film Festival and won second prize. He decided to leave mainland China to continue his film studies at Michigan State University, where he created the short film "Good or Bad", the feature film "Once We Were Lost " and the short documentary "Asio", which won Outstanding LGTBQ film at the Sweet Short Film Festival.

In 2019, Yushi Li entered Emerson College's Film and Media Art program as a graduate student. During his graduate studies, he refined his film techniques and theories and refined his film style. During his graduate studies, he made the short film "Get Up" and a feature film "Under" which is being prepared for global film festivals.


Yushi Li - Writer
Wen Ou - Producer

Key Cast

Zhexiong Xiao - "Lily"
Eve Zhao - "Ye"