Lady Betty

Director : Paul McGrath

Lady Betty poster Australian Film Festival OZIFF

Overview & Credits


At a cozy corner of a countryside pub, two long-time friends spend their evening sharing exaggerated tales. Eventually, they delve into the story of Lady Betty, who was the first and only female executioner in Ireland. As they recount the story, we are transported back to the late 1700s, to a desolate hut on the outskirts of town where Betty Sugrue, known as Lady Betty, and her son Padraic struggle to survive. Paddy and Mick's unique storytelling style, which mainly involves incessant interruptions and arguments, presents the harsh and tumultuous life of Lady Betty.

Director Biography

Paul is an animator, filmmaker and illustrator based in Dublin, Ireland. He has worked internationally on many animation series and projects. He’s an incorrigible doodler - notebooks full of them - and that’s where his own ideas for content stem from. He’s currently developing new short animation content and series and working for other animation companies in Ireland. For Whackala, he has also co-directed and produced documentaries and uses his design and VFX skills for tricks on their live-action projects.


Bobby Moloney - Writer
Leticia Agudo - Producer

Key Cast

Colm Meaney - "Paddy"
David Pearse - "Mick"