Let's Go Below The Rainbow

Director : Julian Karikalan

Let's Go Below The Rainbow poster Australian Film Festival OZIFF

Overview & Credits


'Let's Go Below The Rainbow' depicts a touching love story between two young women, Meaghan and Louise, who confront mainstream religious beliefs that pose a threat to their romantic relationship. Meaghan, who is rejected by her parents due to her sexuality, pretends to have undergone religious conversion therapy to become heterosexual. Louise, on the other hand, is openly gay and deeply in love with Meaghan, but Meaghan struggles to come to terms with her own feelings and hides them.

Amidst the challenges, threats, and intimidation by those who claim to be 'believers,' will the couple's love ultimately triumph?

Director Biography

Julian Karikalan is an award-winning, Indian-born Australian filmmaker, screenwriter, and storyteller based in Sydney, Australia. His first filmmaking expedition, "Love and Love Only", completed on a microbudget, has been well-received by audiences and marks the storyteller’s entry into the film Industry. It created a strong impact and unique appeal to a global audience who formed a deep connection with its characters. The movie is available worldwide on various platforms, including Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Tubi, and Plex.


Julian Karikalan - Writer / Producer

Key Cast

Phillyda Murphy - "Meaghan Fernsby"
Emma Monk - "Louise Lonsdale"