Mara: The Seal Wife

Director : Uisdean Murray

Mara The Seal Wife poster Australian Film Festival OZIFF

Overview & Credits


In the dead of night, Sine gives birth to her child on a beach and flees into the darkness, leaving her husband Magnus in agony. Through a journey into the past, we unravel the mystery behind Sine's actions and bear witness to the traumatic events that led her into the world of the selkie, legendary beings who transform from seals to humans by shedding their skin.

Director Biography

Uisdean is an award winning filmmaker from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and has been making independent films and music videos for nearly 20 years.

His work includes the award winning Gaelic language short film Siubhlachan (The Traveller) which was developed into a half hour drama for BBC ALBA, the macabre Jemima Trilogy and the award winning supernatural comedy web series Demonologist For Hire.

Uisdean’s most recent film project is Mara: The Seal Wife a tragic drama inspired by selkie folklore and filmed in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.


Uisdean Murray - Writer
Adam Keltie - Producer

Key Cast

Kevin Kelly - "Magnus"
Sarah Pritchard - "Sine"
David Walker - "Reverend"
Cailean Collier - "James"