Nothing Special

Director : James Garces

Nothing Special poster Australian Film Festival OZIFF

Overview & Credits


Jack Johnson seeks training from a renowned superhero after acquiring extraordinary abilities. However, his Australian father expresses opposition, and Jack becomes entangled in a fierce clash between his dad and his idol.

Director Biography

James is a Perth-based Writer/Director who specialises in telling “ordinary stories with extraordinary characters”. Focused on bringing out the heart in anything he works with, he strives to use his experience across all aspects of pre-production, production, and post-production to work closely with other team members to ensure that all voices feel represented, striving to create a final product that the whole team can be proud of. Graduating from SAE Institute with a Bachelor of Film, creating multiple other original short films as Writer/Director throughout his time in the course, James hopes you enjoy the project he’s poured 110% of his heart and soul into with “Nothing Special” - the Capstone of everything he has learned until now.


James Garces - Writer
Tayla Burton - Producer
Sanjay Stephen - Associate Producer
Sanjay Stephen - Composer
Adam Watson - Director of Photography
Molly Magee - 1st Assistant Camera
Dylan Marinko - 1st Assistant Director
Audrey Poor - Production Designer
Jessie Holland - Costume Designer
Sarah Ross - Costuming Assistant
Rod Power - Stunt Coordinator
Erin Cosser - Additional Cast
Meghan Offe - Editor
Caylem Weeks - Colourist and VFX Artist

Key Cast

Jacob Miles - "Jack"
Kye Cassam - "Jim"
Chris Walkey - "Super-Guy"
Thomas Bach - "Walter"