Director : Ü Inose

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Overview & Credits


Yuki, a high school student living in rural Japan, is the protagonist of "TSU," a coming-of-age tale. With his graduation date approaching, he is overwhelmed by the weight of expectations that have turned into frustrations. The stress of his challenging university entrance exams and complicated family relationships has become unbearable, prompting him to flee to the mountains.

In the wilderness, Yuki encounters a self-sufficient community of individuals who have been living off the grid for years. By shedding his old life and embracing new, unbridled experiences, Yuki gains a crucial insight: true freedom only comes after everything has been lost. By freeing himself from the expectations of others, Yuki takes the first step toward a new life.

Director Biography

Ü is a Tokyo-based film director who has over ten years of experience working on international productions.

After studying film production at California State University, Northbridge, Ü started his career as an intern at Anonymous Content, working under Alejandro González Iñárritu.

He has always taken pride in broadening his horizons by exploring new cultures and meeting new people from around the world. These experiences have played a major part in his creative thinking process and visual diversity.

The experience of working on countless projects from all over the world and seeing situations through different people’s eyes has given him a special ability to achieve a perfect balance between logistical efficiency and an artistic approach.


Ü Inose - Writer
Toru Kasahara - Producer
Morio Amagi - Producer
Seigo Furuta - Producer
Toko Kumamoto - Producer
Brian Masato Kobo - Producer

Key Cast

Banki Yamashita - "Yuki Soejima"
Sena Nishitani - "Jun Soejima"