Director : Elizabeth Arifien

Overview & Credits


Life's brevity is starkly evident, particularly for the 'Damselfly', fleeting in its existence as a free-flying adult for mere moments. Each loss, imbued with an elusive essence of sorrow, carries its own unique narrative.

This visual poem, accompanied by the fervent lyrics and soothing tones of ERA, transports us to a realm beyond the mundane. Within this transcendental space, sonic rhythms meld with dreamlike imagery, blurring the boundaries of time and place. Against the backdrop of New Orleans' natural splendor, two individuals navigate a labyrinthine landscape of emotions, ultimately parting ways for the last time.

They grapple with unseen forces, striving to release themselves in a poignant performance choreographed and directed by the songstress herself, Elizabeth Rose Arifien, known as ERA.

The film concludes where we all originate: amidst the serene flow of water, surrendering once more to the natural rhythm of life.

Director Biography

Elizabeth creates emotive performances, films, talks and workshops for others placing personal, societal and political issues at the forefront of conversations.

Elizabeth is the founder and artistic director of two social enterprises; Move Beyond Words who amplify the voices of dyslexic artists through their podcast, films and live performances . A subject matter close to Elzabeth’s heart due to her personal experiences with Dyslexia and ADHD.

She is the founder of Creative Dance London who facilitate transformation through creative dance sessions, using their unique facilitation methods as they envision a world that celebrates individuals for who they are. These sessions reach audiences across the globe and attendees have surpassed the online reach of 20,000 people. Elizabeth’s creative endeavours come from a place of curiosity and kindness.

Her director and leadership skills have been seen in collaborations involving Ugly Duck studios, City Lit, Royal Academy of Arts, East London Dance, the British Dyslexia Association, Royal Opera House, London College of Fashion, Cut and Run, CRC Records, Pirate Studios, Studio Wayne McGregor, Final Cut, Groundworks, Trinity Laban and Women of The City, V&A, Arts Council England, National Lottery.


Cassidy Fulmer
Joshua P Bell

Key Cast

J. Alejandro Moreno - Director of Photography
Tim Hughes - Motion Graphics
Ben Boullier - Editor & Sound Design
Henry Howard - Colourist
Rhyannon Hanbury - Assistant producer
Gretchen Erickson - Shoot Producer
Pheonix Rose - Hair & Make-up
Katie Dale-Everett - Dance Operations
Les Animaux - Clothing
Elizabeth Rose Arifien - Music Production
Tony Nwachukwu - Music Production
Gaines Owens - Assistant to Director of Photography