Solar Wind Alley

Director : Anastasia Lobkovski

Overview & Credits


In a rural Finnish village, Alice resides with her younger sisters in the home their late mother built. Having assumed the role of head of the family, Alice is determined to shield her siblings from the harsh realities of the world. However, when a solar storm strikes the village, plunging it into darkness and turmoil, Alice's resolve is put to the test as she strives to protect her family and navigate the community through the ensuing crisis.

Director Biography

Director Anastasia Lobkovski has graduated with master degrees from both The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and Aalto University`s Filmmaking department. Her works in arts and short films has been travelling art exhibitions and film festivals around the world such as Camerimage, BFI London, Edinburgh IFF, EMAF, Reykjavik IFF for about ten years. Solar Wind Alley is Anastasia Lobkovski`s first feature film.


Jarkko Olavi Virtanen - Writer
Anastasia Lobkovski - Producer
Jukka Nurmela - Producer
Inka Lahti - Editor
Jaakko Slotte - Cinematography
Jukka Nurmela - Sound Design
Antti Hirsiaho - Music
Iiris Anttila - Costume Design and Make-up Artist
Anastasia Lobkovski - Production Design
Svante Colerus - Sound recording
Jarkko Kela - Sound recording

Key Cast

Warren Kole - "Aaron Driscoll"
Katrina Law - "Daniella"
Grace Jenkins - "Emily"
Chanté Bowser - "Chanté"
Lucy Blehar - "Solaris"
David Scales - "Emcee"
Joey Aucoin - "Doctor"