Spirit Of The Tree

Director : Ysabelle Taylor

Overview & Credits


A magical tale of loss, yearning, rejection and acceptance. A spirit of a felled tree searches for a new tree to make her home. A nearby tree rejects her advances and propels her onto the lawn. Here she sees the shadow of another tree and asks if the shadow can help her, but it also rejects her. In the distance she sees a beautiful copper beech. This tree welcomes her and she finds peace. This film connects with people about the importance of saving and looking after our trees.

Director Biography

Ysabelle Taylor trained as a dancer at the Royal Ballet School in London and performed many solo and principal roles over ten years with the Royal Swedish Ballet, Scapino Ballet Amsterdam, Dublin City Ballet and Düsseldorf Ballet.


Ysabelle Taylor - Writer / Producer
Élisabeth Pion - Composer and musician

Key Cast

Ysabelle Taylor