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Two Flags

A peaceful world should not put on it with a mark of disagreements over customs, races and distances.

Without knowing how but inadvertently your experiences are wonderfully mixed with mine. Any hypocritical play is not as good as you take the initiative to understand me or I take the initiative to understand you.

Just like this film: A Wooden House with Two Flags.

Li Yang Australian Chinese Actor, Director, Playwright and Producer

• From 1994 - Now in Australia
Movies: Broken English, The Long Lunch, The Jammed, The Home Song Stories, Mao’s Last Dancer, Trail of the Tin Dragon, Re-birthed a Firebird, Sucker etc.

Television Dramas: Halifax, Water Rats, Golden Melbourne (Assistant Director & Actor), Stingers, Poor Dad and Rich dad (Writer & Producer & Actor) etc.

Stage Play and Music: Our Path, 1300 Ashtrays (One man show and co-writer), Eureka.

• From 1979 - 1988 in China
As a full time actor, worked with the Modern Drama Troupe of China Quan Zong. Actor in many plays, films and television dramas.